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Construction Projects

Check here for information and links to construction projects underway around town.

SPLOST Projects - www.peachtree-city.org/SPILLWAY

Lake Peachtree Spillway - www.peachtree-city.org/LAKE

2018 Street Paving - view map

Utility Company Projects

REMINDER TO ALL RESIDENTS:  Utility work takes place in City-owned Right-of-Way or Utility Easements.  Contractors restore grass when done in the neighborhood.  No one should have sprinkler systems or electric dog fences in the public right-of-way, but if you do, please mark them when you see other utilities marked in your yard.  The utility contractors are not responsible for restoring these items, and locate services (811) will not know about them to mark them.  

Golfview Stormwater & Sewer Project. GOLFVIEW CURRENTLY CLOSED near Cockspur.  The contractor for the City of Peachtree City and the Peachtree City Water and Sewerage Authority are working on a major sewer/stormwater project in the Golfview neighborhood.  The project involves new lines going through the easement from Golfview Drive (at 618 Golfview) near Cockspur Court, crossing just west of 210 Oakmount and just west of 303 Pinemount.  Each of these roadways will require temporary closures to accommodate the pipe replacement work, but each street provides alternate access routes for those on either side of the closures.  The entire project should be completed by the end of August.  Please call 770-487-5183 for more information. 

NuLink has updated the schedule for installing fiber optic lines in/along the following locations, weather permitting:  

Location Estimated Start  Estimated Completion Status
Burnham Woods 1-Jun 30-Jun Pending
Cameron Trail/backbone 1-Jun 30-Jun Pending
Chestnut Field 1-Jun 30-Jun Pending
Cypress Pointe*** Pending
Everhill **** 1-Jun 30-Jun Pending
Evian 1-Jun 30-Jun Pending
Fairways*** Pending
Gates, The - Phase II 1-Jun 30-Jun Pending
Hamptons Corner Pending
Jennings Yard **** 1-Jun 30-Jun Underway
Masters Square 1-May 31-May Underway
Mcintosh Trail/backbone 1-Jun 30-Jun Underway
Meadow Run 1-May 31-May Underway
Meadow Run 1-Jun 30-Jun Underway
Muirfield 6-Apr 30-Apr Pending
Muirfield 1-May 31-May Underway
Muirfield 1-Jun 30-Jun Pending
Peachtree Walk 1-Jun 30-Jun Underway
Preserve, The 1-Jun 30-Jun Pending
Robinson Rd from Crosstown/backbone 1-Jun 30-Jun Underway
Sandown Creek 1-Jun 30-Jun Pending
Sawmill Trace 1-Jun 30-Jun Underway
Tamerlane 9-Apr 30-Apr Pending
Tapestry Trace**** 1-Jun 30-Jun Pending
Terrace Tay 1-Jun 30-Jun Underway
Treillage **** 1-Jun 30-Jun Underway
Village on the Green*** 16-Apr 30-Apr Underway
Wedgewood **** 1-Jun 30-Jun Underway
Wicker Hill **** 1-Jun 30-Jun Underway

AT&T is installing new underground cable lines throughout Planterra Ridge beginning in May.  The contractor will restore sod/grass in the right-of-way by completion of the project.  Work also continues in Everton Phase 2 & 3 (through July 31)