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Highway 54 Projects in 2017
Mayor Fleisch discusses MacDuff Parkway and Highway 54 West in her 2017 State of the City Address . . .

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The new year brings new projects, and Peachtree City residents will be seeing a lot of activity in the Highway 54 West corridor in 2017.  Peachtree City is working closely with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) to ensure that the intersections and traffic control devices are performing as designed to maximize traffic flow on our highways, and we are committed to keeping the traffic flow for our businesses and residents a top priority in the coming years.  

A high volume of commuter traffic from Coweta, Fulton, and Clayton Counties flows through Fayette County and Peachtree City on our state highways.  We are also blessed with some wonderful retail businesses that serve as shopping destinations, and   Highway 54 serves as Peachtree City’s “Main Street.”  Both factors can lead to frustrating traffic during peak commute hours.  The City of Peachtree City understands and shares in this frustration.  

In 2014, Peachtree City contracted for a traffic analysis of the Highway 54 W corridor  that included recommendations for short-term, medium-term, and long-term improvements to address the volume of cars that using the corridor (View Analysis Data and & Recommendations).  2017 could bring several of those recommendations to fruition, and GDOT has also announced projects that will begin this year. These include:

1. 2017 SPLOST.  In March, Fayette County residents will vote on a six-year Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) for our community.  Each municipalities and the County have laid out a detailed list of projects if the SPLOST is approved.  Peachtree City’s projects include the Highway 54 intersections at Planterra Ridge/Home Depot/Wal-Mart and at MacDuff Parkway, and will increase turn lanes to help the side streets flow and eliminate the split-phase traffic signals that increase the wait time for cars on Highway 54.  We have also included a pedestrian/multi-use bridge near the western border of town to increase  golf cart access between the developments north and south of the highway.  View the full SPLOST Projects List

2. HWY 54 PAVING.  The GDOT has announced their intention to repave Highway 54 from the Coweta/Fayette County line through Fayetteville.  This will have a short-term negative impact on traffic, but the City is working with the GDOT to have the project begin at the eastern end in Fayetteville, working toward Peachtree City in the late summer/early fall.  The City will also work to coordinate intersection improvements in the corridor with the paving to minimize the disruptions to traffic in the area.

3. MacDUFF PARKWAY/CSX BRIDGE COMPLETION.  The fall scheduling of the highway paving is especially important because, by August or September of 2017, the MacDuff Parkway extension and bridge over the railroad should be completed, creating another outlet for the neighborhoods along MacDuff.  These residents must currently all take Highway 54 to leave their homes for any reason, and the completion of MacDuff will give hundreds of drivers another outlet from their neighborhoods directly onto Highway 74 North.  

4. LONG-TERM GDOT PLANS.  The GDOT is looking beyond 2017 toward improvements to the Highway 54 traffic in Peachtree City.  They have announced that the conversion of the Hwy 54/74 intersection to a Continuous Flow Intersection is programmed for 2020.  This design can significantly increase the traffic volume that an intersection can handle.  View an example of a proposed Continuous Flow Intersection planned for Florida.  

View the October 20, 2016, presentation on upcoming GDOT Projects.

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