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Proposed Ordinance Amendment Previews:

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Water & Sewerage Authority (WASA) Options (from 7/20/2017 Council Meeting)
At the July 20 meeting, the Peachtree City Mayor and Council discussed the results of a legal review of the terms under which WASA's could extend sewer service outside the City limits of Peachtree City.  Under the current bond documents, such an extension would only be allowed with the approval of the Peachtree City Mayor and Council.  Council expressed interest in retaining authority over extension of the system via two options provided in the summary report of the legal review:
  • Request that the state legislature to amend WASA's enabling legislation to require Council approval for extending service outside Peachtree City; and/or 
  • Request an amendment to the enabling legislation so that Council members would serve as the majority or all of the WASA Board.   

This item will be considered further at the August 17 meeting.      View the Legal Review Summary.

Lake Peachtree Spillway Replacement (2017 - 2018)
The City is moving forward with the design of a Piano Key Weir Spillway.  Construction will begin in August 2017 with the partial draining of the lake, and is scheduled to be completed by June of 2018.  Visit the Lake Peachtree Spillway Progress Reports page

Highway 54 W & MacDuff Parkway - 2017 Projects
See what projects are on the horizon in 2017 for the Highway 54 W corridor. Visit the Hwy 54/MacDuff Pkwy Page

2017 SPLOST Approved by Voters on March 21
Visit the SPLOST 2017 page to view the projects for Peachtree City and all of Fayette County, with an interactive map of project locations.  

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