Mayor & City Council

2023 Council Picture

The governing authority of Peachtree City is the Mayor and City Council, consisting of five elected members who serve 4-year terms. While all five members are elected at large (serving the entire city), all must reside within Peachtree City. At their first meeting each calendar year the Mayor Pro-Tem is selected by the City Council. 

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Peachtree City, GA  30269

  1. General Info
  2. Kim Learnard, Mayor
  3. Phil Prebor
  4. Mike King
  5. Clint Holland
  6. Frank Destadio


In their policy-making capacity, the City Council is authorized to perform the following functions:

  • Allocate taxes levied by Fayette County
  • Establish Millage rate for the City of Peachtree City
  • Direct and control all property located within Peachtree City
  • Establish, alter or abolish Peachtree City roads and bridges
  • Fill vacancies in Peachtree City offices unless others are empowered to do so
  • Examine, settle and allow claims against the City of Peachtree City
  • Examine and audit the accounts of all officers having the care, management, keeping, collection or disbursement of money belonging to the City of Peachtree City
  • Establish the costs of licenses
  • Make such rules and regulations as necessary for the protection and preservation of health, safety, welfare and morals 

Vision and Values