Permit Requirements

A building permit is required for the construction of the pool, hot tub, or tank with over 24-inches of water or 300 gallons. Pools requiring a fence must apply for a fence permit at the same time as the pool permit. 

Your permit submittal must include:

  1. Application for pool
  2. Application for fence 
  3. Site plan drawn on a plat or survey, labeled with all distances from property lines, easements, and existing structures. 
    1. Pool equipment location must also be shown on the site plan
    2. Lots on septic systems must include Fayette County Health Department approval


No portion of a swimming pool, pumping equipment or other related swimming pool accessory equipment shall be closer to the property lines than 4 feet. However, no swimming pool shall be placed in the front yard of any lot containing less than 3 acres.

Water Supply

There shall be no physical connection between a potable water supply below the maximum water level of the pool, or to a re-circulating or heating system of a pool, unless such physical connection is so installed and operated that no pool water can be discharged or siphoned into a potable water supply system.


Every swimming pool hereafter constructed or installed shall be completely enclosed by a fence or wall of durable construction. Swimming pool fences or walls shall be designed to inhibit climbing by offering no hand holds or toe holds, and they shall have no horizontal exterior parts. Construction may allow vertical openings no more than 1 and 3/4 inches wide for a fence that is 4 feet in height, but no horizontal openings.

All fences or walls enclosing pools shall be constructed to deny access beneath or through them other than by use of gates or doors.

The fence or wall, including all gates and doors, shall not be less than 4 feet in height as measured at points on the perimeter. All gates and doors opening through a swimming pool fence or wall shall be equipped with self-closing and self-latching devices designed to keep the gates and doors securely closed and latched when not in use and must swing out away from the interior of the pool area.

If a gate or door providing access to a pool area is greater than 4 feet in height, the latch must be installed at least 4 feet above the ground. If the gate or door is 4 feet in height, the latch can be no lower than 6 inches from the top of the gate or door.

No portion of a fence or wall shall be installed less than 3 feet from the nearest point of the water in the pool. A residence or other permanent building may form part of a required fence or wall, provided it is at least 4 feet in height and offers no less of a barrier than the fence or wall itself.

Drainage from the pool shall be conveyed to the nearest storm drain system or street curb so as to prevent the drainage from crossing another person's property or creating a nuisance to neighboring properties.

The information contained herein is not all-inclusive. For further information, contact: the Building Department, (770) 487-8901