Comprehensive Plan

Current and Historical Comprehensive Plans

Why Do We Plan?

Our founders recognized the social and economic value of thoughtful planning, and today we enjoy the high quality of life attributable to their planning. More than just a State-mandated requirement, Peachtree City presents this Comprehensive Plan as a commitment to our status as a preeminent planned community.

Reaffirming Our Community Goals

Peachtree City is a master planned community. The Land Use Plan adopted by the City is 1985 still creates the framework for much of the planning policy that guides growth in the City. The following Goals and Policies have their roots in the 1985 document, with only modest revisions during subsequent plans updated in 1992, 2008 and 2013. The community was presented with the most recent iteration of the City's goals and policies at the community public meeting during the Comprehensive Plan Update. Feedback received during this process has led to some minor revisions- generally to reflect the accomplishments that have been achieved or policies that have become less relevant with the passage of time. Overall, citizens indicated that many of these Goals and Policies were still relevant for guiding growth in their community through the next 5 years of this Comprehensive Plan Update. These Goals are listed below:

Natural Resources Goal

Protect environmentally sensitive land and enhance the City's greenbelts and open space areas.

Land Use Goal

Develop and redevelop land in the City based on the Village Concept and stepping down intensity toward the City's boundaries.

Economic Development Goal

Maintain a diversified economy that encourages high paying quality jobs and maximum tax contribution while meeting the requirements of a healthy environment.

Transportation Goal

Establish and maintain a comprehensive transportation system that provides safe and convenient circulation through and around the City.

Housing Goal

Provide a broad range of housing opportunities with an appropriate mix of homes regarding size, type, price, and location in order to meet the needs of people of all life stages and abilities.

Community Services and Facilities Goal

Continually provide adequate levels of service in all areas as needed for the residents of the City.

Community Engagement

Below is a summary of the public outreach efforts and meeting information. 

Public Meeting Schedule

  • Public Hearing August 4, 2016 
  • Steering Committee Kickoff Meeting October 4, 2016 
  • Public Open House December 8, 2016 
  • Steering Committee Meeting January 10, 2017 
  • Public Open House February 9, 2017 
  • Joint Meeting with Planning Commission February 27, 2017 
  • Steering Committee Meeting April 13, 2017 
  • Planning Commission Presentation May 8, 2017 
  • City Council Presentation May 18, 2017 
  • Adoption Date July 11, 2017

Meeting Presentations