Business Incentives

Job Tax Credit - Industrial Park:

Peachtree City's Industrial Park (PDF) has been named a "Tier 1" area by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. This designation is unique for a community like Peachtree City, as it provides significant tax incentives for job creation while still maintaining our recognized quality of life.

Foreign Trade Zone - Industrial Park:Boat, Plane, and Semi-Truck

The 2,200 acre Peachtree City Industrial Park (PDF) includes its own Foreign Trade Zone. This feature is attractive to companies involved in international trade and manufacturing. The Foreign Trade Zone will allow merchandise for assembly to enter from abroad or exit to foreign countries without a formal U.S. Customs entry or the payment of duties. View more information.Warehouse Full of Goods Opens in new window

Freeport Exemption:

Fayette County voters have elected exempt 100% of the following types of commercial and industrial inventory from taxes:

  • Raw materials and goods in process of manufacture.
  • Finished goods produced in Georgia within the last 12 months.
  • Finished goods stored in Georgia within the last 12 months and destined for shipment out-of-state.

The deadline for filing an application for freeport exemption with the Board of Tax Assessors is April 1 to receive the full exemption. View more information.