Alarm Registration

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Over the years, more and more homeowners and businesses have installed alarm systems. Although they are highly effective, the downside is an overabundance of false alarms places undue burden on local police departments.

How you can help?

Over 80% of false alarms are the result of human error, and 50% of those errors occur when the alarm is being turned on and off.

Here are some tips from the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police, the Georgia Burglar and Fire Alarm Association, and the Peachtree City Police Department to help you reduce the possibility of false alarms in your home or business:

  1. Carefully review your alarm monitoring company's procedures for canceling accidental alarms.
  2. Insist that written instructions are provided to you. Do NOT call 911 if you accidentally set off your alarm. Call your alarm company. The police department will continue to respond until we receive a cancellation from your alarm company.
  3. Educate every person authorized to enter your home or business on how the system works.
  4. Make sure people authorized to use your system always have the appropriate pass code.
  5. Keep doors and windows locked when the system is armed.
  6. Use deadbolt locks. Follow your alarm company's instructions on testing your system. Don't test it by setting it off prior to notifying your alarm company.
  7. Know how to clear a wrong code if you make a mistake on the keypad.
  8. Doors and windows must be tight fitting, and contacts should be free of paint and varnish.
  9. Choose a system that is tolerant of pets. If pets run free in the house, you should ask your alarm company for a motion detector that accommodates pets. Also some dog barks can activate older glass break detectors.

How your alarm company can help?

  1. Ask if the company is a member of the Georgia Burglar and Fire Alarm Association, and has proper licenses. Before selecting a system, ask the company about equipment with proven low false alarm rates.
  2. Obtain a written instruction manual.
  3. Insist on getting thorough training on operating the system.
  4. Make sure the main control panel battery is replaced periodically by your alarm company, typically every three to five years.
  5. Contact your alarm company immediately if you are having any problem with the alarm system, including any unexplained signal.
  6. The company must use multiple call verification by making at least two calls to verify every alarm signal, except fire, duress or hold-up alarms, before calling the police.
  7. If the alarm is false, the company must immediately attempt to cancel the police dispatch.
  8. Ensure that the company has someone on call 24/7 for service or to answer questions.
  9. Make sure the company has written instructions about the person or persons it is supposed to call before requesting police dispatch.

Frequently Asked Questions for Alarm Registration?

Who needs an alarm permit?

Anyone possessing a burglar alarm system, device, or assembly of equipment designed to signal the occurrence of an illegal or unauthorized entry or other activity requiring immediate attention and to which the police department is expected to respond, but does not include alarms installed in motor vehicles, fire alarms, domestic violence alarm, or alarms designed to elicit a medical response. This includes all businesses, residential, and commercial structures that have installed alarm systems whether they are monitored or not.

How do I obtain a permit?

Click on the link at the bottom of this page to register your alarm. A permit application can also be found at the front desk of the Peachtree City Police Department.

What do I do with the permit once I receive one?

The alarm permit is specific to you at that address. It is your responsibility to provide the permit number to your alarm company. If you fail to do so, it is possible that you will not receive police response to an alarm call. I lost my permit number. How can I get another one?

You do not need another permit number unless you have changed addresses. We will provide you with your specific permit number if you contact us by phone or in writing with your request.

I received an alarm notification sticker/door hanger on my door/window, what does this mean?

That false alarm notification sticker/door hanger was left as a courtesy informing you of a false alarm at your address. If this was your third or more false alarm in your 12-month permit period starting from October 1st each year, you will receive an invoice in the mail in the near future. You can contact your alarm company to determine what happened and if a problem exists with your alarm system.

I received a false alarm notification in the mail, but the officer didn't leave a sticker/door hanger. How can I be sure they arrived?

The false alarm notification sticker/door hanger is a courtesy to you. The letter is the official notification that your alarm was activated and the police arrived at your address.

Where does the money go that is collected from false alarm fines?

The money collected from false alarm fines goes into the general fund and is used to offset the costs of the program.

Can I appeal a false alarm?

You may appeal any false alarm notification you receive. Alarm users should use the appeals guideline as a reference to determine what is considered a false alarm. A good rule of thumb is to determine if criminal activity has occurred and not whose fault it might have been. Please refer to the Appeal Process.

I have moved out of the city/county/state, how can I close my account?

If you no longer own, rent, or are held responsible for the address you had a permit for, we encourage you to notify us in writing that you wish to close the permit account. The written letter can be mailed to: 

Peachtree City Police Department
350 Highway 74 South
Peachtree City, GA 30269

I have moved from one local address to another, can I still use the same permit number?

No. Each permit is site and owner specific. If you move, you need a new permit. Keep in mind that all old permits need to be closed. If you happen to sell an address (business or house) with an installed alarm system, you cannot transfer the permit number to the new owner (even if they are going to use the same alarm company).

Where can I get a copy of the Alarm Ordinance?

Full copy of the City of Peachtree City False Alarm Ordinance

For more information on this ordinance contact Mrs. Michelle Ward via email or at 770-487-8866.

You are now ready to register your alarm: Online Registration Form for False Alarm Ordinance

NOTE: If you provided an email address when you registered you alarm on-line, you will receive a confirmation email. In addition, a confirmation will be mailed to the address provided with your permit number.