Public Education


Public Education Bus:  An interactive experience that teaches young children how to be safe at home and what to do if there is a fire in the home.


Fire Extinguisher Training:  Hands on training with a fire extinguisher where you can extinguisher an actual fire in a controlled safe environment.


Kitchen Fire Safety Class:  An hour long program presented in classroom settings showing how to be safe in the kitchen and what to do in the event of a cooking fire.


Remembering When:  A program that focuses fire and fall prevention for senior citizens.    


Vial Of Life:  A program that speaks for you when you can't speak for yourself.  A program that shows you how and where to place vital medical information where First Responders can easily locate it in the event you have a medical emergency and cannot provide this information yourself. Learn more at   

Also Available:

  • Fire station tours
  • Group presentations
  • Smoke alarm education
  • Fire and Safety programs that meet scouting requirements.

For more information or to schedule a program, contact Assistant Fire Marshal Jeff Felmet at or call 770-631-2526