How to Apply for a Permit

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If you are a contractor, you must have an account to apply for a permit online.

(see How to Create an Account ). Once you have created an account, contact the Planning and Development Department at (770) 487-5731 to link your account. We will need your email address that you used to create your online account. You will not be able to apply for permits online until you have done this. Creating an account will allow you to apply for a permit on any property in the City.

Homeowners do NOT need to create an account to request a permit on their property. However, if your permit requires a review and the review is not approved you will need to create a user name and login in order to submit revised documents for review.

Before applying for a permit, please visit the Permits page or the Trade and Irrigation page to learn about the documents required for the type of permit you wish to apply for. Be sure to to fill out the building application form or the trade application and affidavit, as applicable, and include it with the documents for your online application.  Most permits require a Site Plan. To meet this requirement, the fence, pool, shed, or etc. that you are requesting a permit for shall be drawn on a survey or plat of your property showing dimensions to the property lines.

First Log onto the Permitting Portal by clicking the link or copying this address into your web browser:

Select "Apply for a Permit" in the left menu bar, as highlighted in the graphic.


Select a property where you want to apply for a permit.  You can search by name, address, or parcel number.  If you are a contractor you must first log in with your user name and password.

Select Property