2017 Project 24: New Path Connection – Crosstown Bridge/Tunnel Engineering

Status: In Progress

Project Number: 24

Category: Multi-Use Path System

Location: HWY 74 S at Crosstown Rd

Proposed Project Year: 2017

Original Project Budget: $20,000

Project/Goal Description: Engineering only to determine feasibility and possible location of a bridge or tunnel crossing HWY 74 near Crosstown Rd.

December 2022 Progress Update:  Public Works has walked the area to scope out the terrain and get preliminary data. The next step will be to contract with an engineering firm for feasibility study and cost estimate. Crossing the railroad at grade will be difficult and will increase project costs dramatically. Peachtree City anticipates completing this project in 2023.

SPLOST Actuals Total: $0

SPLOST Funds Remaining$20,000

Proposed Project Photo:


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Final Project Photos: N/A