2023 Project 28- Safety & Traffic Flow Improvements for Corrugated Metal Path Tunnels

Project Status:

Category: Paths

Location: Citywide

Estimated Cost: $3,500,000

Project Description: Peachtree City has a total of 17 Corrugated Metal Tunnels on the multi-use path system. Most of these tunnels are older tunnels from when the path system was first implemented. This project would allocate funds for the study, design, and construction of potential tunnel replacements or enhancements. This includes considerations for safety and traffic flow. The most heavily trafficked tunnels will be prioritized, including three tunnel locations that have been verified to have similar traffic numbers to our bigger concrete tunnels under state highways. These tunnels are T-08 (Taco Bell, Crosstown), T-09 (Regions Bank/Crosstown), and T-11 (Luther Glass Park). The projects will look at the possibility of replacing these tunnels with two-way concrete tunnels. If not possible, we will also look at enhancing approach visibility. If funding allows, the city will also look at other tunnel locations throughout the city. 

Project 28