2023 Project 31- Street Resurfacing Program- Citywide

Project Status:

Category: Roads

Location: Citywide

Estimated Cost: $30,000,000

Project Description: Peachtree City currently has 200.68 miles of road infrastructure to maintain. The City's goal is to pave 15 miles of roadway per year. This keeps the system on a 13-year maintenance cycle. The 2017 SPLOST included funding for 8 additional miles to be done per year (which allowed the City to attain the 15-mile goal). The City proposes to keep that funding in place with the 2023 SPLOST. All roads are evaluated by a professional company called Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) every five years. They use a laser system and ride every road in the city to evaluate conditions for pavement distress such as cracking, potholes, rutting, roughness, etc. Roads are then assigned a numerical pavement condition index (PCI) rating that is used to prioritize the schedule for annual paving. 

The software utilized uses an algorithm to prioritize paving and save the City money, especially by prioritizing roads before they require full-depth reclamation which can double the cost of paving. Good road conditions lead to less wear and tear on vehicles and allow for safe vehicle operation. This project would also allow funding for new road connections to the citywide system as needed through growth or needed connectivity. These funds could also be used for city-maintained public and non-public asphalt projects such as parking lots, access roads, etc. 

Project 31