2023 Project 37- Playground Equipment Replacement & Expansion- Citywide

Project Status:

Category: Recreation

Location: Citywide

Estimated Cost: $1,200,000

Project Description: Peachtree City currently has 11 public playgrounds and 12 public tot lots citywide. Most of these feature out-of-date and aged equipment. Some are also lacking ADA accessibility.

This proposed project would strategically prioritize and update current playgrounds at existing locations with new equipment and accessibility options.  Part of this process would include the possible elimination of some smaller tot-lot locations that are not heavily utilized so that the City can utilize resources in a more efficient way, such as some locations being expanded to feature larger and themed playgrounds. A playground advisory group was put together in 2022 to review all current playground offerings. This project would use the advisory group's recommendations as part of the decision-making and planning process. 

Project 37