Aluminum Recycling Center

Georgia Firefighter's Burn Foundation

McIntosh Trail Recycling Facility located at 209 Mcintosh Trail serves as aluminum collection and recycling points for the Georgia Firefighter's Burn Foundation

Assisting Burn Survivors

The Georgia Firefighter's Burn Foundation assists burn survivors in their recovery, supports Georgia medical facilities in the treatment of burn injuries, and educates the public in burn awareness and prevention. It also operates Camp Oo-U-La, which is Georgia's only camp for burn-injured children. More than 35,000 people are burned in Georgia each year, with 700-800 people requiring hospitalization in either the Grady Health System Burn Center or the Augusta Regional Medical Center Burn Center. Burn injuries result from fire, electrical and chemical burns, and scald burns from hot liquids. Burn patients have ranged in age from 2 weeks to 96 years. A Peachtree City child was one of these patients.

Bring Your Aluminum Cans to Us

Please do not throw your aluminum beverage cans in the trash, deposit them in the can trailers located at the McIntosh Trail Recycling Facility - 209 McIntosh Trail.