PTC Wi-Fi Access at City Facilities

The City of Peachtree City is proud to offer FREE WIRELESS INTERNET access at several of its facilities. We hope that this guide will give you some basic information regarding wireless, or "wi-fi", Internet access.

Wireless access allows a user with a compatible laptop, personal digital assistant (PDA), smartphone or other wi-fi capable device to access the wealth of information and entertainment available on the Internet. Our networks are high-speed, providing near DSL-quality connections in most areas.


Wireless Internet service is currently available at most of the city facilities and the Peachtree City Tennis Center*

How to Connect

At the Library

Look for the network called PTCLIBWIFI24G or PTCLIBWIFI5G, with access password wifi123!!

At the Glenloch Recreation Center

Look for the network called Glenloch, with access password wifi123!!

At the Kedron Hockey Rink

Look for the network called kedronRink, with access password wifi123!!

At the rest City's facilities

Look for the network called PTCGuest, with access password wifi123!!

At the Peachtree City Tennis Center

See the front desk for connection information (this connection is managed by ClubCorp and may be subject to fees and other restrictions)


Unfortunately, the City of Peachtree City does not provide telephone technical support for the wi-fi connections at facilities. Please notify a staff member if you have any problems using a connection at one of the City's facilities, and they will route the issue to the Information Technology Department. You can also email Information Technology, but please be advised that personal responses may not be possible. Each access point is subject to terms and conditions, available by request by emailing Information Technology or inquiring at the reception desk of each facility.