Inspection Hotline

Always refer to your Permit number and address when requesting an inspection. Inspections may be called in at:

(770) 631-2588, extension 1222

inspections called in by 3:30 will be inspected the next business day. Any request made without a permit number will not be set up for inspection.

When to Call for an Inspection


  • Footing: When footing is dug, grade stakes set, bulkheads in place, and before concrete is ordered to pour the footing.
  • Foundation:  When foundation wall forms are in place and all required reinforcing (rebar) has been installed.
  • Under Slab Plumbing: All plumbing under a slab must be visible and inspected prior to placing base course and vapor barrier. A 10' (foot) head of water is required to test drainage system for leaks or pressurize to 10 pounds.
  • Slab: This is inspected after base course, termite treatment, and vapor barrier are in place.

After the foundation is completed, a foundation "as-built" survey shall be submitted and approved if required by the permit. FACSIMILES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. No further inspections will be scheduled until the foundation survey has been approved by the City.


 When all exterior sheathing is installed and properly nailed.

Moisture Barrier

When moisture barrier is installed and all seams taped, windows and doors installed and flashed.

Rough Inspections

When all below is complete:

  • Electrical Rough: All electrical wiring run with outlet boxes set and grounded.
  • Plumbing Rough: All drain lines run with vent stacks through the roof. If two story building, head test is required for second story in order to check lines for leaks. ALL supply lines in place and pressurized with the gauge accessible to the inspector.
  • Mechanical Rough: Heating and air conditioning equipment, ducts, flues, vents, drain pans and lines must be installed. Gas lines must have a constant 10 pounds of air pressure on line with the gauge accessible to the inspector in order to check for leaks.
  • Building Rough: When framing is completed. This includes attic ventilation, fireplaces, chimneys, flashing, brick ties, and sealing of top and bottom plates that have been drilled or notched. Fire stopping must be VISIBLE TO INSPECTORS. Cut trusses must have a letter from an Engineer.



When all insulation is in place and all insulation dams and wind wash baffles are installed.

Temp to Perm Power

When electrical system is complete and the structure is secured. To obtain electrical or gas meter releases prior to this inspection a request can be made at the permit office by filling out an affidavit and paying a $50.00 fee. Note: an additional inspection is required for this release.


You must call for a final inspection after all above items are completed and prior to occupancy. This inspection must be completed and approved by a Building Inspector before a certificate of occupancy/completion can be issued.

  • Final Plumbing   
  • Final Mechanical 
  • Final Electric
  • Final Building

The information contained herein is not all inclusive. For further information, contact the Building Department, (770) 487-8901.