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Approved Residential Curb-Side Sanitation Companies

Please note: Rates are set by the companies, and the base rate should include recycling.  Peachtree City residents should not have a separate charge for recycling on their bills. Neighborhoods may negotiate for lower rates for a full neighborhood. Companies are required to provide the first refuse cart and recycling container free of charge, additional carts or containers will be provided at the published rates.

Garbage and recycling services will be provided by the following approved residential curbside sanitation companies:

CompanyCurrent Contract
Pollard Residential Waste ServicesAgreement
Republic Services Agreement
GFL EnvironmentalAgreement


The quarterly rates should also include the City’s $1.00 Franchise Fee, imposed to help address litter problems and to increase recycling programs and education through Keep Peachtree City Beautiful

Check with individual companies for additional services and prices (extra carts, yard debris, bulky waste, backdoor service), and discount rates for whole subdivisions. 

If your garbage company is not listed above or if you see operators in town that are not listed above, please contact Cinnamon Mack.

Recyclables List

Please contact your company for a recycling bin at no additional cost.

Per the City Franchise Agreement, all companies must accept at least the following recyclables:

  • Newspaper
  • Glass containers (discontinued as of 2/22/2016)
  • Aluminum beverage and bi-metal cans
  • HDPE and PET plastic containers
  • Cardboard (no grease or food contamination)

Yard Trimmings

Yard waste services must be offered by all companies but may be available at an additional charge. Any vegetative matter resulting from private landscaping or regular yard maintenance. Yard Waste shall not include limbs that are greater than five (5) feet in length or four (4) inches in diameter. Yard Waste also shall not include debris from commercial/ professional landscaping or excessive debris caused by storms or other inclement weather.

Bulk Waste

Companies may offer bulk waste pickup at an additional charge. Bulk waste is described as white goods(White Goods: Refrigerators, stoves and ranges, water heaters, freezers, swing sets, bicycles ( without tires) scrap metal, copper, and other similar domestic and commercial large appliances), furniture, loose brush greater than four(4) feet in length or four (4) inches in diameter, auto parts, and other oversize wastes which are customary to ordinary housekeeping operations of a Residential Unit and whose large size precludes or complicates its handling by normal solid waste collection, processing or disposal methods.

Other Requirements:

Excluded Materials

Shall mean Construction, and Demolition Waste, dead animals larger than ten (10) pounds, hazardous waste, medical waste, special waste, industrial wastes, toxic substances, storm debris, trees, earth, body wastes, abandoned vehicles, vehicle parts, large equipment ( or parts thereof), or any other type of waste that is not included in the definition of Garbage, Refuse, or Rubbish/Trash in this Agreement Franchisee shall not be required to collect, transport, dispose of or otherwise handle any Residential Refuse that is mixed with any Excluded Materials.

Frequent Questions:

Is participation in recycling mandatory?

All companies are required to provide both garbage collection and recycling services as part of their base rate. Residents are NOT required to participate in recycling, but it is available at no additional cost. Please contact your provider for a recycling bin.

My company is not listed. Will I have to switch?

Please double-check the full listing -- several companies have recently been purchased, although the garbage canisters still have the old names. If your company is not listed above, they will have to contact the City for approval to continue providing service within the City limits. Please contact Cinnamon Mack about companies not included in the full lists above.

How do we know the recyclables are being recycled?

Each quarter, the companies authorized to use City streets for residential solid waste collection will be required to submit reports on the total tonnage collected of both garbage and recyclables. City staff and Keep Peachtree City Beautiful (KPTCB) will audit these reports to ensure that the reported recyclables are being taken to recycling companies. The overall goal is to see an increase in recyclables in the coming year(s).

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