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What Code Enforcement Officers can enforce?

The Code Enforcement Officers are responsible for enforcing Municipal Codes of the City. Code Enforcement  does not enforce deed and covenant restrictions.

City Ordinance 

  • A law passed by the City Council 
  • Enforced by Code Enforcement officers
  • Punishable by a fine of up to $1,000.00 and/ or six months in the Fayette County jail
  • May issue Notice of Violations, Stop Work Orders, or Citations to be heard at the Municipal Court

Deed and Covenant Restrictions

  • A rule imposed by a developer/builder specific to a subdivision
  • Enforced by active homeowner association (HOA) or other board 
  • Punishable per HOA or as determined by the Small Claims Court judge
  • Warnings and violations issued by HOA

Some examples of issues that people generally believe to be code violations but are not are:

  • Colors of homes
  • Trailers and campers must be screened from public view
  • Placement of child play structures such as swing sets, trampolines, basketball goals
  • Parking in the street (unless specifically marked)
  • Trimming of shrubbery