Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance Training

Alcohol Beverage Ordinance Training

The Peachtree City Police Department sponsors Alcohol Ordinance Training for businesses who sell and serve alcoholic beverages in Peachtree City. The goal of this training is to reduce alcohol ordinance violations. In an effort to assist the Alcoholic Beverage Licensees and License Representatives in Peachtree City, we are hosting a training course for the owners and managers of Peachtree City businesses that sell, handle, serve, and distribute alcoholic beverages. This training course is designed to be used as a template for businesses to incorporate the information into their own training programs for new employees, servers, handlers, and holders of alcohol permits. The training course is comprised of an overview of the relevant city ordinances governing the dispensing of alcoholic beverages. The training focuses on those regulations that directly apply to owners and managers of businesses, as well as what is required of them in the area of training their employees. 

Those wishing to attend the training are encouraged contact Lieutenant Brad Williams via email or at 770-487-8866.

The training power point can be reviewed online.