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Posted on: June 20, 2018

Georgia “Hands Free” Drivers Law Applies to Golf Carts, Too

Georgia “Hands Free” Drivers Law In Effect - Applies to Golf Carts, Too

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety reports that nearly all collisions are caused by someone being distracted.  Georgia’s new hands free law (40-6-241) is aimed at increasing the safety of our roadways, and it goes into effect on July 1 Below are the basics of the new law:

  • Drivers cannot hold a telecommunications device (ex. Phone) or stand-alone computer (ex. tablet) with any part of their body (this includes hands, shoulder or lap) while driving.
  • The law applies to Golf Carts, too. 
    • Exceptions: earpiece, headphone device or smart watch.
    • Drivers cannot write, send, or read any text based communication, including internet data, emails and social media
      • Exceptions: Voice based communications automatically converted to written message and GPS usage as long as the device is not supported by a body part.
      • Drivers may not watch a video while driving.
      • Drivers may not record a video while driving.
        • Exception: Dash cams are okay
        • Drivers must be properly parked to hold the device or to write/send/read information on the phone. Properly parked DOES NOT mean stopped at a red light. Driver must pull off the roadway in a safe spot to do this legally. Make sure you are properly parked when programming your GPS.
        • Drivers can stream music through their device as long as it is not supported by a body part.
        • A driver shall exercise due care at all times while driving and not engage in any action that distracts them from the safe operation of their vehicle.
        • The law applies to all ages.
        • Other restrictions are present for bus drivers and CDL drivers.
        • There are exceptions granted for reporting emergencies, on duty utility service workers, and on duty first responders

Before the law goes into effect, explore the many hands free driving options you have (car Bluetooth, phone mounts, phone voice assist calling, speakerphone, ear Bluetooth, watch, etc.), pick one, and get comfortable using it. 

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