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Erosion Control Fees

Construction work involving site work may incur the following fees:

  • Land Disturbance Permit (LDP) fee: $240 PLUS $120 per disturbed acre or fraction thereof
  • Notice of Intent - State: $40 per disturbed acre or fraction thereof
  • Notice of Intent - City: $40 per disturbed acre or fraction thereof
  • Erosion Control Plan Review 1st re-submittal (first submittal included in plan review fees): $300
  • Erosion Control Plan Review 2nd and subsequent submittals: $400 minimum or amount charged by City consultant to review, whichever is greater. The actual amount charged by consultant, if in excess of $400, shall have an additional sum of $75 added for City staff time expended.
  • Site inspection fee to issue LDP: $60, if not ready the second inspection will be an additional $100

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