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  1. Comcast Office Location
    The nearest COMCAST office to Peachtree City is located at 1905 Mount Zion Road, Suite A in Morrow (in the Southlake Pavillion Shopping Center area). Office staffed Mon - Fri, 9-5. Residents may go to this office to pay bills, pick up or exchange equipment and report unburied cable lines.

    Comcast has established this complaint process to assist Peachtree City residents with cable problems that have not been resolved through the normal customer service channels. This site is not monitored 24 hours per day.

  2. PLEASE try to contact Comcast through their published customer service number below prior to reporting problems via this web site.



  3. If the customer service representative is unable to address your concern, or if a service technician comes to your home and is unable to correct the problem, please complete the form below. The form will be forwarded to Comcast representatives assigned to assist Peachtree City residents, and a copy will also be sent to City Hall to log a formal complaint against Comcast

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  7. This site is reserved for use exclusively by Peachtree City residents, under Peachtree City’s franchise with Comcast. Please contact your local municipal or county government to address your concerns about Comcast through their separate franchises.
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